Review On Sisters In Law

Cynthia Citron

Registered Critic

The two actors, who give an absolutely stunning performance under the superb direction of Patricia McGregor, are Tovuh Feldshuh as Ruth and Stephanie Faracy as Sandra. Their performances are enhanced by the exceptional scenic design of Rachel Myers and the projection design of Yee Eun Nam, who keep everything moving swiftly and smoothly by providing moving images in black and white on the screen in the background.

This play is a must-see, especially if you've seen the recent documentaries of the notorious RBG. You'll love seeing her in person, represented by the fabulous and ubiquitous Tovah Feldshuh, and you'll enjoy the relationship and dialog between the two Supremes.

Cynthia Citron has lived and worked on every continent except Antarctica as a journalist, public relations and communications director, a documentary screenwriter and a theater reviewer. She is also a co-founder of Earthwatch, the scientific research expedition company, and served as the editor of Bostonia, the prize-winning alumni magazine of Boston University.