Review On FOR THE LOVE OF A GLOVE: An Unauthorized Musical Fable About The Life Of Michael Jackson...As Told By His Glove

Stephen Fife

Writer, Non-Registered Critics

Of course, the subject of Michael Jackson couldn’t be more controversial, especially in the wake of HBO’s documentary Leaving Neverland. All I can say (having written The 13th Boy, my own story of being sexually molested) is that Nitzberg has found a very clever way of raising the subject without in any way diminishing its importance...

The cast is outstanding, with Anthony and Jerry Minor (as the Glove) leading the way. Andrew Ableson as the alien leader and Ogie Banks as money-obsessed Joe Jackson are wonderful, and Suzanne Nichols gives Katherine Jackson just the right balance of moral conviction and emotional suppression. But the revelation here is Eric Anthony, who dazzles as Michael. It is not simply that his singing, dancing and acting are top-notch, but that the Michael he creates is so real, so poignant, and in no way an imitation. - RECOMMENDED

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