Review On Canceled - BAREFOOT IN THE PARK

Barefoot's Victor Velasco is a libertine, gourmand and man of the world – although perpetually behind on his rent, occasionally necessitating his sneaking through the bedroom window of the Bratters’ fifth floor walk-up apartment to access his attic unit unnoticed by the landlord. Depicting this quirky comic cosmopolitan character with great panache and whimsy, Paul Rodriguez steals the show as the singularly costumed Velasco (gaudily garbed by Kate Bergh). Chewing the scenery with verve in every scene he treads the boards in, Rodriguez is simply a delight to behold in this romantic comedy about youthful newlyweds adjusting to married life in 1960s Manhattan. It’s Beverly Hills Chihuahua meet New York poodle, and Rodriguez is oodles of fun.

Ed Rampell is an L.A.-based film historian/reviewer and co-author of “The Hawaii Movie and Television Book”.