Review On Versatile

Pamela Kathleen Najera

Publicist, Audience

To look at Kevin at first glance I saw a Caucasian male. But when I looked closer I then noticed his afro curls. But even still, not until he got 5 minutes in to his show did I find out he was mixed. Well, no wonder he's so uniquely handsome. I assumed life was pretty good for him. I mean good looking people SEEM to have charmed lives simply because of their natural beauty. But then Kevin's story starts to unfold... Kevin tells his story growing out of foster care into a mixed black gay man. He boldly addresses 'uncomfortable' topics about being torn between two worlds of being black and white and to top it off-gay. I left the theatre 'schooled' and thoroughly edutained. Kevin bounces all over the room and is highly physical throughout the show! I loved his spirit guides Lion, Baboon and even the menacing Hyena.