Pamela Kathleen Najera

Publicist, Audience

In my opinion, solo-artistry allows for the non-professional actors and playwrights to brave the stage and share their life-stories. As a professional comedian and actor, Ms Bethany is no exception to the mountainous feat of facing fears and demons to create a masterpiece(continuously a work in progress) She undoubtedly is hilarious! That's her superpower. She's comfortable there. But then she allows you to see past her comedy and in through her personal hell of growing up. She addresses her struggles with bedwetting anxiety...I related with her with my thumb-sucking anxiety that I had well into my late early 30s. And just when I'm relating to her about dysfunctional relationships(all had me cackling out loud) she uses the analogy of a 'human centipede'! Oh! What a visual ! Bethany Vee doesn't disappoint 🙂 She is hilarious and bravely let's it all hang out.