Review On TransSetter

Shari Barrett

Registered Critic, Writer, Publicist

Solo show director Jessica Lynn Johnson has found another butterfly ready to break out of its cocoon and show the rest of us how to honestly depict their personal journey of self-realization. Veronica Carey definitely opened my eyes to how her gender decision-making process grew out of learning to cross-dress during the pandemic, shut in and watching You Tube videos all day. Her and his journey into acceptance of being non-binary was just the first step into the battle going on inside of how to live truthfully in her feminine soul while stuck in a man's world. Eye-opening and entertaining from start to finish.

Veronica Carey's astounding ability to switch genders with the changing of a headband was on full display during her many depictions of both men and women along the stages of her life, with two totally different personas and physicalities on display from moment-to-moment. May she always wear the Scarlet del Fuego lipstick as she continues to walk through the doors to the next steps in her life, breaking lots of eggs along the way.

I think the show is perfect as it is, although I would have loved to have seen Veronica, or Carey as he was known then, having makeup applied to her face for the first time while riding on a bus in London!

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