Review On April, May & June

Lorenzo Marchessi - The Geek Authority

“Theatre 40 “April, May & June” Is A Wonderful & Compassionate Drama About Family & Love”

THE GEEK AUTHORITY - Lorenzo Marchessi

Theatre 40 in Beverly Hills has an amazing original production about three sisters clearing out their homestead where they grew up since their mother's passing. It's called “April, May & June” – and yes, those are the names of the three sisters. Produced by David Hunt Stafford with a very concise cast the play was artfully directed by Terri Hanauer. Terri gave this very real and earthy script about real sisters and their feelings about each other, their father and especially their mother, an incredible warmth and passion that makes you feel like you are as invested in them as they are in each other. I loved this production and especially really enjoyed the performances of these young actress as I had a real sense of family and familiarity between them.

Pic 001 – Top L – Meredith Thomas, Jennifer Taub, Jennifer Lee Laks - Center Pic. – Jennifer Lee Laks, Jennifer Taub, Meredith Thomas - Bot. R. - Jennifer Lee Laks, Jennifer Taub, Meredith Thomas