Kevin Taft

Non-Registered Critics

The company moves through Drew Mconie's choreography to exhaustion while dance captain Rebecca Kritzer steals every number with her spot on technique and endless dynamism. (You literally can't take your eyes off of her.) At the same time, the repetitive dance moves remind one a little of an opening number from an installment of "So You Think You Can Dance."

All of this said, there is something appealing about the show. The set design and lighting is beautiful and I enjoyed the rock concert take on it: if only they extended the 90-minute running time to allow for some emotional connection.

While Beeks is clearly the standout of the show, Tommy Sherlock as Pilate, Tyce Green as Annas, and Paul Louis Lessard as a sort of drag King Herod enliven the show with powerful voices and performances.

For fans of the music, there's a lot to enjoy. While "Gesthemene" doesn't have the power it should and Jesus doesn't embody the warmth his character so desperately needs to emit, this is the mass-market paperback version of Lloyd-Weber's masterpiece which makes it go down easy, but might not have any lasting effect.