The delivery here is perfectly wholesome, commercially safe comedy. It’s cautious in its confessions: asking scary questions but bubble-wrapping the answers. It neither challenges nor entertains too much. It doesn’t allow the relentlessness of parenting to overshadow its beauty. It’s as satisfying and forgettable as vanilla ice cream. An evening that evokes smiles even as it short-changes. It’s audacious in its premise but hesitant in its follow-through. The New One is ultimately a risk untaken.

Marc Wheeler is an arts reviewer with a varied background in theater, dance, music, theme park haunts, film, and television. His writing has been featured in Stage and Cinema and Gia On The Move. Marc studied media in Oxford, England, where he also worked for the Oxford Playhouse. He received his B.A. in Communications from Waldorf College in Forest City, IA.