Review On The Lion In The Winter


Ben Miles

Non-Registered Critics

Under Sheldon Epps’s layered direction, with regal production values (scenic design by Stephanie Kerley Schwartz, costuming by David Kay Mickelsen, lighting by Lonnie Rafael Alcaraz, sound design by Kate Wecker, and wig designs by Anthony Gagliardi), and an able cast, Lion purrs enough to endear us to the dramatic conceit, as when the hygienically challenged Prince John (played with off-beat charm by Spencer Curnutt) says this to a rival, “You stink. You're a stinker and you stink.” But it also roars and growls, such as when Henry declares, “Who’s to say it’s monstrous? I’m the king. I call it just. Therefore, I, Henry... do sentence you to death. Done this Christmas Day in Chinon in God’s year 1183.”