Review On MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET: A Live Musical Radio Show

What makes this version unique is Jon Lorenz’s original music. Under the music direction of Anthony Lucca, these jazzy spirits spill out in a multitude of ways: advertising jingles during newly scripted commercial breaks; reworked traditional carols; and original numbers with tight harmonies reminiscent of the Andrews Sisters. Lorenz’s delightful music and lyrics elevate the book magically. So integrated is his 40s-era score into this radio play, it’s easy to forget it was never originally there. In fact, it’s hard now to imagine Miracle without it.

Marc Wheeler is an arts reviewer with a varied background in theater, dance, music, theme park haunts, film, and television. His writing has been featured in Stage and Cinema and Gia On The Move. Marc studied media in Oxford, England, where he also worked for the Oxford Playhouse. He received his B.A. in Communications from Waldorf College in Forest City, IA.