Review On Frankenstein

Elaine L. Mura - LA Splash

Registered Critic, Writer

For those seeking an unusual multimedia experience containing song, dance, and the occasional verbalizations, FRANKENSTEIN will prove a gold mine. The Four Larks production of FRANKENSTEIN is certainly different, occasionally gripping, and eerie in its own way. For those hoping for a more predictable, standard version of the classic novel, FRANKENSTEIN may prove confusing, chaotic, and even off-putting. Audiences will no doubt self-select on this, the two hundredth anniversary of FRANKENSTEIN.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Elaine Mura moved to New York City as an adult, where she completed her doctorate in psychology and worked in one of New York’s many State hospitals. Subsequently, she decided to scratch a persistent itch to travel and spent ten years living and working in Denmark, Germany, Portugal, and Iran – with shorter stops in the many scenic spots in between. She aplied her skills all over the world doing research, clinical practice, and academic pursuits. Since relocating to Los Angeles, she taught students in the graduate program at Pepperdine University for many years and spent the last 20 years as a forensic psychologist with the California State prison system. But the writing bug forever lay just beneath the surface, and she is currently writing magazine articles and theater reviews while working on a play, a novel, and a book of short stories.