Tin Pan L.A.

Registered Critic

This British import plays like a delicious British cake—it's chock full of hilarious physical comedy, witty and charming songs, and storytelling that so perfectly from the across the pond. What's surprising about the musical is how much of the film and novel the stage version is actually able to accomplish on stage. You get all the iconic moments from the film with added songs and dancing that only heighten all the action.

Ryan Luévano is a professional music director, composer, musicologist and music educator. Ryan is an experienced music director and conductor for musical theater, opera, film and concert music. Past productions include: Experience Magic!, Annie, The Sound of Music, Into the Woods, Chess, The Pajama Game, Bells Are Ringing, and Funny Girl. Additionally, he works as a professor of music at Woodbury University and Santa Ana College. When he’s not producing shows he pens as a theater critic for his blog Tin Pan L.A. where you can read all about the L.A. theater scene.