Review On Easy Targets: Artists and Heroes


Vanessa Cate - Stage Raw

Registered Critic

The actors are actually all really good and perform their respective monologues unflinchingly through the onslaught of socks. “All About Me,” written by Jon Beauregard and performed by Selina Merrill, is about an actress who was born for the stage. Matt Almos' “An Evening with Abraham Lincoln,” performed by Eric Curtis Johnson, acquaints you with the 16th president of the United States. Tracey Leigh performs Selina Merrill's spoken word “Word Magic.” And Jaime Robledo's “Space Man (or How I Found Myself in Low Earth Orbit)” deals with lone astronaut Hugo Armstrong. And all of them are just as deliciously horrible as they sound.

Vanessa Cate (they/them) is the Managing & Assigning Editor for Stage Raw and the former Editor-in-Chief for Vanessa is a performance artist, writer, and jack of all trades, and can be found on stage, in strange audiences, and in interesting situations. Apart from their work with Stage Raw since its inception, Vanessa is the Founder and Artistic Director of the feminist performance-coven known as TheatreWitch, as well as the fantasy dance group Cabaret le Fey. Vanessa co-produces True Crime in Los Angeles, and works with Butcher Bird Studios. Vanessa performs, writes, directs, and generally creates however and whenever they can.