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“”The Marriage Zone” Is Fantastic! Part Sci-Fi, Part Comedy, Part Wow!”

THE GEEK AUTHORITY -  By Lorenzo Marchessi

Writer and director Jeff Gould is back with an amazing originally fresh modern piece that stirs and combines the elements of a modern day ‘Leave it To Beaver' meets ‘back To the Future' in stirs and mixes it all in a pot called ‘The Twilight Zone'. It's The ...Secret Rose Theatre's (in North Hollywood) production of “The Marriage Zone” and it's funny, witty, charming and enlightening in a very weird way! (And I love Sci-Fi!)

Without spoiling it for you it's a wonderful story of a couple (Beth and Cal) with one son (Ryan). Through the magic of creative writing, they meet their younger selves (Named Ellie and Skip). Then, at the same time, they meet their older selves (Mike and Liz). Its alternate universes crosses streams – I think. Both at the same time, yes, at the same time. Now, this show was double cast and bear with me as I try to explain the wonderful performances and the characters they play of the cast that I saw…

Ann Leighton plays Beth – the now Beth plays a delightful mother and wife who wants a change. Selling the house they lived in for so long, her life with her husband Cal has become more than stale – why? Well Ann gives an exciting and passionate performance with all the energy needed to eventually show everyone can change their mind, attitude and passions. I love her interactions with both her younger and older selves. I loved her energy and passion for really brining home some very important family issues and hurdles.

Pic 001 – Top L. – Ann Leighton, Ryan Cargill, Megan Barker, Jeff Pride - Top R. – Ann Leighton, Jeff Pride, Alex Hyde-White, Jaycee Jule - Center Pic - Jeff Pride, Ciaran Brown, Ann Leighton