Review On Farragut North

Lorenzo Marchessi

Lorenzo Marchessi

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Odyssey Theatre's “Farragut North” Is TV Drama On Stage!”

THE GEEK AUTHORITY-  Lorenzo Marchessi

Here is a play written by ‘House of Cards (HOC)' writer Beau Willimon who is attempting to bring the HOC'd-like drama to the stage. Although the subject matter is timely, poignant and something to be aware of in these amazingly troubled political times, it still seems like a TV show as opposed to a full out dramatic theatrical production. I like the message it sends and I loved the performances, but I still felt like at times, because there were so many blackouts (which are really scene changes), that they were really supposed to be (or have) commercial inserts.

Director Cathy Fizpatrick Linder seems to do her best with the staging and movement, however I think her talent shines both in the casting and in the focus of the scenes. Although limited in moment and set, the important moments were well focused and made that much more poignant with her direction.

Basically, it's the story of two candidates and their PR personnel and staff. The corruption that occurs when trying to watch each side for making mistakes or something politically destructive to leak out to the press for the sole purpose of bringing down the other side.

Pic 001 – Top L. - Jennifer Cannon, Jack Tynan - Mid. Pic. - Adam Faison, Jennifer Cannon, Jack Tynan, Geoffrey Lower – Bot. R. - Jack Tynan, Margaret Fegan