Cheryl Wilson


I have to start out by saying, I had no intention of catching this show. I had not heard of Robert Ingersoll and was not in the mood for a History Lesson. Earnest won me over on the hard streets of the Fringe. Every time, the guy saw me he called me out by name. I can not resist kindness. I wish I could listen to Ingersoll speak today, tomorrow and everyday. His life, thoughts and writings are fascinating and contemporary. The mere idea that the Devil has gotten a bad rap in our minds and for what? Literally, what has the Devil done over the course of humanity that is worse that just one of the angry outbursts of God? Kearney's channels Ingersoll's spirit for just over an hour and his dialogue is just replete with thought provoking text. Ingersoll's cultural insights are piercing and relevant today. His take on the human condition is what I look forward to taking in, moving forward. I was taken aback by everything, including Kearney's powerful performance. Loved his character work, and attention to detail all they way through costuming. I love learning new things and this experience with Kearney and Ingersoll was wholly satisfying. Thank you Earnest for introducing us all to a piece of History that is every bit alive as the stories, life, turmoil and hope we are creating today. Perhaps, Ingersoll will speak yet again in 2019?