Review On Ladies in Waiting: The Judgement of Henry VIII

Kerry Kaz


The women in this show do a terrific job, all with strong intentions and clear, distinct points-of-view. The director clearly knows how to get his performers to pursue strong objectives. Unfortunately, the only weak link is the character you have to follow through the whole show. The actor playing Henry VIII, James Cougar Canfield, shouts his way through every scene, never really taking in new information or listening to his fellow actors. There is no doubt that Henry VIII is a despicable character, but he could still be a dynamic one. The repetitiveness of Canfield's performance isn't helped by the script, which could use some serious trimming. I appreciated how much research clearly went into the script, but the debates between Henry and the women in his life would often grow redundant, making it unclear what the women were actually trying to accomplish by confronting Henry. The show is still worth seeing for the excellent performances of the women in the cast, and for some strong direction.