Review On Laertes Loves Hamlet Loves Ophelia


Jonathan Tipton Meyers

Audience, Publicist

What an exciting idea. To look at the empty interior set of a contemporary hipster apartment and then have Laertes, Hamlet and Ophelia walk into it. Not simply a reimagining of Shakespeare, LLHLO is an imagining of what makes Shakespeare the best, his exploration of universal human truths. Payden Ackerman's Laertes is on point, loyal, with the longing we know is underneath. Kelly Pierre's Ophelia is a 3-dimensional woman and a cautious one at that. Instead of simply seeing Ophelia's raw emotion, we see he much she fights against it. Kaitlyn Schiller's Hamlet is hurt and disillusioned and on a path to darkness. Like sampling a new cuisine, I'm left a bit sated and curious for more. I hope this exploration continues.