Review On London Calling


Jonathan Tipton Meyers

Audience, Publicist

A "Clash" Jukebox musical is an unbelievable premise. By honoring its musical creators, it holds the potential to be a seminal musical for our times. It reminds us that political crisis forged The Clash into a layered and lyrical band. The cast with a refreshing mix of ages, had me jumping. It's inspiring. As Punk was. This concept has true Tony potential and is prescient for our times, but its pedestrian book breaks my heart. I humbly hope in future iterations, it considers where this music came from and incorporates more of the layered brilliance and versatility that blew me away in numbers like, "Rock The Casbah" and "Lost in the Supermarket" where dripping irony reflects the reason these songs were written. There's a deep story there, in history and in these songs. Scream it. Slam it.