Lorenzo Marchessi

Lorenzo Marchessi

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“Theatre 68's “Lusting After Pipino's Wife” Is Smart, Fun And Hysterical To See!”

THE GEEK AUTHORITY - Lorenzo Marchessi

Theatre is at its best when it surprises you with everything from emotionally charge dramatic scenes to musically enhanced storytelling lyrics or just keeping you laughing at characters that you can understand and relate to with wit and charm and Theatre 68's production of “Lusting After Pipino's Wife” in North Hollywood does just that. It's adult themed relationships with a smart edge that will make you empathize with each character and in turn – at the very least - will make you smile and – at best – laugh out loud.

Smartly and reality-centered writing as done by Sam Henry Kass and produced and directed by Ronnie Marmo (yes Vinnie himself) – this is a show of uniquely written short scenes that are tied together by a ‘wife' (Pipino's wife) that is never actually seen, but talked about, in a narrative style that makes for some very funny situations between two sets of best friends – one male and one female – and how they quite accidentally cross and intertwine with each other. Ronnie did a really smart job making the audience understand and relate to each and everything all four of these characters go through – and did it with a lot of humor and charm.
Pic 001 – Top L. - Danny Cistone, Alexis Brandt – Top R. - K'aty Jaeoby, Ronnie Marmo – Bot. L. - K'aty Jaeoby, Alexis Brandt - Bot. R. - Ronnie Marmo, Danny Cistone