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 “Performance Art + Shakespeare – “Macbeth In Rhythm” – Is Hypnotically Enthralling!

THE GEEK AUTHORITY - By  Lorenzo Marchessi

One of the joys of performance art is that it relies on the performances and their ability to interpret a story, music or even the abstract. Now throw in the Ol' Bard himself and some backbeat rhythms and chanting that will haunt and send chills up your spine and you have what The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles calls “Macbeth In Rhythm” which performed right in downtown Los Angeles this spring. This is all part of the “2017-Year of Macbeth” as part of The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles yearlong celebration of Macbeth.

With only four performances of Macbeth in Rhythm at The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles, this limited run of an amazing interpretation of one of Shakespeare's classics, was something to behold. Advertised as an “…experimental ensemble performance…”, it was directed by Hannah Chodos. I must say Hannah did an amazing job assembling these performers who knew the text of the Bard and was able to physicalize it all in a very dramatic, rhythmic dance presentation. The energy could be felt through the floor. The sweat could be seen on the performers brown and the gritty nature of the play just simply heart pounding for me.

The incredibly talented performers listed in alphabetical order include Sam Breen, James Cowan, Lindsey Moore Ford, Emmie Nagata, Danielle O'Terry, and Ben Weaver, and, with all their energy, they put in a very engaging and stimulating performance. The words of Shakespeare flowed but the heart and soul of the text was expelled in both word, song and the most incredibly choreographed rhythmic dancing. These performers could act. These performers could sing. These performers moved me. A cohesive team that wove a wonderful and artistic tapestry.