Review On Moose & Darlene's Cosmic Do-Over

Dylan Wallace


Cartoon sci-fi history show come to life! Comedic, educational, paradoxical, adventure through time! An absolute blast. Curtis Krick cleverly blends history you may not have known with a Sci-Fi yet modern plot. It will have you thinking about global issues from different perspectives, the pros and cons of modern technology, and how every little thing no matter how small and insignificant it may seem has global consequences. But it's also funny, and I really enjoy that part. The cast is fantastic and fit their roles perfectly. The costumes are top notch. Do yourself a favor and watch the show.

Dylan Wallace is a Los Angeles based gay theatrical artist. A member of Fierce Backbone, a theatrical organization dedicated to creating new dramatic works. His playwriting leans dark and focuses on social injustice. He believes in animal rights and everyone doing their part for the planet.