Lorenzo Marchessi

Lorenzo Marchessi

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“Frantic Comedy Twists & Turns In This Fun Farce Called “Murder, Anyone?” At The Whitefire Theatre!”

THE GEEK AUTHORITY -  Lorenzo Marchessi

It's farce. It's fun and above all it will surprise you with hysterical twists and turns from characters that evolve right in front of your eyes. It's called “Murder, Anyone?” and it's at the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks. It's an original play that is premiering on the west coast that tells the story of two very different writers collaborating on a stage play (or screenplay) – or stage play. They can't decide. The results are hysterical as the audience sees all their adaptions, changes and rewrites right as they change them. For better or worse, always usually funny, the changes are nonsensical and often way over the top.

Produced, written and directed by Emmy-winning writer (for ‘Animaniacs' and ‘Pinky and the Brain') Gordon Bressack, this is an ‘Airplane' meets ‘Police Squad' ish type of production. Gordon sets two writers on a mission to write a play, or a movie, or a play, or a movie, or….the elements and unique things that make a play a play or a movie a movie, are mashed up as the story of murder and how it happened changes by the minute with very surprising and funny results! The end all is basically what two writers write verbally and then seeing it come to life on the opposite end of the stage. It's fun.

Pic 001 – Left Pic. – Jack Zullo, Devin Caldarone – Center Pic. – Carla Collins, Liesl Jackson – Right Pic. – Abraham Smith, Liesl Jackson