Review On Murder... Murder... Murder...

Lorenzo Marchessi - The Geek Authority

“Skypilot Theatre's, “Murder…Murder…Murder…” Is A Performance Based Farce!”

THE GEEK AUTHORITY - Lorenzo Marchessi

Skypilot Theatre has an original production they are presenting at The Pan Andreas Theatre in Los Angeles – and it's a light farce that does something fresh –it doesn't take itself seriously. It's called “Murder…Murder…Murder…” and it was written by Adam Hahn and directed by Lois Weiss. What do I mean when I say it doesn't take itself seriously? It's a play that makes note of each of its characters identities by having each of the other characters ‘calling out' their name, occupation and purpose in the opening dialogue. Writer Hahn gave the audience a complete hysterical surprise with that as well as some wonderful ‘Gilmore Girls' rapid-fire, expository dialogue, non-stop dialogue that was amazingly performed by Natalie Nicole Dressel.