Review On Mutt House

Evan Henerson

Non-Registered Critics

The themes are clear, positive, and pushed by every character who takes the stage & four legged or otherwise. We are urged to be ourselves, fight the good fight and rescue a shelter dog thereby saving our own lives as well as someone else's. Yes, a vehicle this benevolent is designed to wag its tail and lick its audience full in the face. Unfortunately, the triteness and simplicity of Cookson's book puts a serious dent into any good will that director Ryan Bergmann and his mostly-hard working cast are able to muster. The six performers playing the pooches are appealing and delightfully costumed by Allison Dillard, but even they wear out their welcome. Instead of trying to preach to adults and misfit kids everywhere, the two-hour Mutt House should have shed 45 minutes and become a one-act family show with proceeds partially benefiting animal rescue.