Review On Rabbit Hole

“The Lounge Theatre Has A Family Drama Done Right - In “Rabbit Hole”!”

THE GEEK AUTHORITY - Lorenzo Marchessi

JTK Productions present a wonderful family driven drama called “Rabbit Hole” at the Lounge Theatre in Hollywood. It's the story of heartfelt loss, dealing with family and accepting the past to move forward with life, relationships and knowing what you may need to let go of.

Touchingly written by David Lindsay-Abaire it tells the story of a young family in a suburban home in New York that lost their young son in an accident. Learning the pain that is with the mother and how she is straining her relationship with her husband, sister and mother. Director Eric Hunicutt gave the touch of warmth by making this a very personal and intimate ambiance that only enhances the feeling and pains of everyone on stage.

Jordana Oberman plays Becca who is the mother who suffers this great loss. Although you would think this emotional arch would be easily played, Jordana gives this character the needed anger and frustration that makes her inner kindness and pain shine through in a very subtle way. Her eyes are windows into her heart as she relates her own frustration with herself and her feelings which create quite some powerful emotional scenes with her husband played by Michael. Her relationship with her sister played by Toni is both a hoot and something to learn from as again, Jordana makes this sad situation so powerfully real for the audience.

Pic 001 – Top L. - Toni Christopher, Darcy Shean – Mid. Pic . - Jordana Oberman, Toni Christopher, Michael Yurchak – Bot. R. - Rocky Collins

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