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Lorenzo Marchessi

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“FON's Production Of “Midsummer Night's Rush” Is A Fanciful Farce With A Shakespeare Twist!”

THE GEEK AUTHORITY - Lorenzo Marchessi

Force Of Nature Productions presents “A Midsummer Night's RUSH” at the Actors Workout Studio in North Hollywood….which, in a nutshell, is taking three weeks to decide on the themes (from the works of Shakespeare himself), pick th...e props, write the short scripts, cast the scenes, rehearse, direct and produce this new fun farceful take on the Bard himself – to produce five inventive pieces – wrap it up with a bright comedy bow and call it “A Midsummer Night's RUSH !” Here's what you are in for!

“Rough Magic” written by Marnie Olson and directed by Francisco Roel.
It's “The Tempest” at the La Brea Tar Pits – with Anastasia Elfman, Alex G-Smith and Michael Guthrie. OMG - too funny! Anastasia knocked it out of the park with her transition and characterization of two personalities. She was fun and comically inventive with her actions and attitude. Alex was Anastasia's perfect foil as her comic timing was sharp and smart and these two just made me laugh in hysterics. Michael shinned as the crack dealer with such a precise twitch driven performance and hysterical responses. This really cracked me up!

“The Sound And The Furry” written by Tom Jones and directed by Andy Schultz.
It's “Macbeth” at the Los Angeles Zoo with Madeleine Kang, Sheen Midori and Jerry Chappell. Madeline and Sheen just did a wonderful cat and mouse game as reincarnated – opposite sexed former Kings in the afterlife. While trans-gendering Jerry is reincarnated as MacBeth's wife in charge of the afterlife's HR duties and gives a colorfully demanding list of HR do's and don'ts to the newly acquired in purgatory. This was smart and very funny.

Pic 001 – Top L. - Alex G-Smith, Michael Guthrie, Anastasia Elfman – Top Middle - Madeleine Kang, Sheen Midori, Jerry Chappell – Top R. - Janet Lee, Jonathan Agurcia, Kelli Maroney – Bot L. - Monet Hendricks, Roman Guastaferro – Bot. Middle - Tom Jones, Jennifer Weisner, David Kaufman, Jennifer N. Chun – Bot R. - Michael Guthrie, David Kaufman