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Rose and the Rime by Nathan Allen, Chris Matthews and Jake Minton emerged from the same process that created another awesome bit of mythic theatre, Sparrow.  Regular readers of this vlog might feel clued in to the use of the world "mythic."

Yeah, this one is that good.  That (dare I say it?) magical.

"Rime" seems unfamiliar, doesn't it?  It consists of granular ice tuffs left on the windward side of objects exposed to the wind.  Without going into great detail--no matter the warning above--this word turns out especially apt.  One of the central characters emerges as The Rime Witch (Desiree Mee Jung), who holds captive the town of Radio Falls in a never-ending winter.  As the town name suggests, we have here no quasi-medieval village but what seems like a modern American small town.  Or maybe a timeless modern American small town.  Not really a contradiction.  A paradox certainly.  Certainly a piece of irony.

Immediately as the play begins, we meet Rose (Amy Rapp) who will be the heroine.  We know this because in classic fashion she befriends and talks with wild animals--just like Cinderalla, like Psyche, like many a hero in fairy tale.  Rose learns the truth of why her town never knows summer, how the Rime Witch killed her parents.  Her uncle Roger (Andy Hirsch) tells her this, and her resolution immediately grows.  A brave child is Rose, the only child in Radio Falls.  She follows the storm to seek to defeat the Rime Witch and bring summer back!

She succeeds.  You saw that coming, didn't you?  What maybe surprises is this--even though summer returns, and this happy brave child has won the witch's power, the story is nowhere near over.  For all practical purposes it now begins.

David MacDowell Blue - Night Tinted Glasses
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