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David MacDowell Blue - Night Tinted Glasses

LONG JOAN SILVER at The Loft Ensemble

What we get for the price of a ticket ends up as a rollicking good time on a startling number of levels.  Yes, the show is funny, not only for the humorous bits that dot the show, but also for the fact the characters seem to notice the huge plot holes now and then.  Many traits are exaggerated to delightful degrees, including Mrs. Hawkins (Jennifer DeRosa) preternatural powers of hearing and Captain Smollet's (Mitch Rosander) dour willingness to do whatever it takes.  Yet also, one reason we laugh is as a release for the real danger and disturbing undercurrents. After all, central to the whole plot is people killing each other--and of the ways Jim comes of age, that surely is the worst, if also the most exciting.