Review On Tales From Tomorrow

Lorenzo Marchessi

Lorenzo Marchessi

Registered Critic

“Sci-Fi Brought To Life On Stage With Witt And Humor – That's FON's “Tales Of Tomorrow””

THE GEEK AUTHORTY - By Lorenzo Marchessi

Force of Nature Productions at the Eclectic Theatre in North Hollywood present “Tales From Tomorrow” – and what a refreshing feeling of originality this was to see. With five original stories, albeit Sci-Fi based in their theme, with a spark of intrigue, through provoking concepts and much more humor and humanity in them – you are in for a real treat as an audience.

Artistic director and producer Sebastian Munoz has put together this ambitious production with great care and heart and presents the following;

“Manservant 3000” written by Thomas J. Misuraca, directed by Sebastian Munoz and featuring Sasha Snow, Anastasia Elfman, Chris Campbell and Benjamin Fuller. From beginning to end writer Misuraca gives you twist and turns as this short unravels a very interesting concept of Artificial Intelligences (AI's) and the reality of ‘what' is real and ‘who' is not. Chris Campbell gives an uplifting funny and entertaining performance as his character – well – changes a lot in a very humorous way. Sasha and Anastasia hit it out of the park with their camaraderie that again is not what it appears to be in a very very funny way! Now throw in Benjamin and you get a ‘real' sense of having your own robot/android as your – well – it was just so much fun you have to see it – with again – a surprise ending! Director Munoz nailed the moments where you needed to be as an audience and gave us a wonderful ride!

Pic 001 – Top L. - “Manservant 300” – Top R. - “Rip And Vanna Winkle” – Bot. L. - “Home For Dinner” – Bot. Cent. - “Hubris & Heroism” – Bot. R. - “A Shot In The Dark”