Review On The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time


Harker Jones

Non-Registered Critics

Adam Langdon as Christopher gives a stunning performance, by turns annoying, sympathetic and humorous with an inordinate amount of dialogue to remember. He doesn't just inhabit the role, he becomes Christopher. The complexity of the role is staggering and he makes it appear effortless. (Benjamin Wheelwright trades off with Langdon on certain days.) Director Marianne Elliott takes a spare stage and a fairly small cast and creates an electrifying experience through the frenetic mind of our hero. She elicits solid performances from all of her actors, especially from Gene Gillette as Christopher's loving and hurting blue-collar father; Felicity Jones Latta as his overwhelmed mother (and who has several lengthy monologues); and Maria Elena Ramirez as Christopher's supportive mentor. John Hemphill gets a lot of laughs as Roger, Mrs. Boone's lover, and Kathy McCafferty, who gets a number of small showy roles, and nails every single one.