Review On The Lady Was A Gentleman

Lorenzo Marchessi - The Geek Authority

“An Amazing And Talent Theatre Troup Of Women, And “The Lady Was A Gentleman” Is A Jewel Of A Play To See!”

THE GEEK AUTHORITY - Lorenzo Marchessi

This is the West Coast premiere of a Broads Word Ensemble production of a uniquely charming and funny play produced by Tara Donovan and Danielle Ozymandias and it's called “The Lady Was A Gentleman” and it's performed at the Dorie Theatre at the Complex in Hollywood. It's a wonderfully uplifting and positive piece of friendship, careers and the desires of women from all walks of life. The performances are sharp. The story is touching and the characters are just plain fun to see.

According to its own press release it's an, “…An examination of love, identity, race, and gender that is sure to leave you laughing out loud as celebrated actress Charlotte Cushman goes on (another) farewell tour of the U.S. with her personal assistant Sallie, a free black woman, and an ever-expanding entourage of adoring younger women….”. But I would say it's about women in a lesbian world going about their business at the turn of the century and discovering who means what to who and everything from the frolicking fun, innate jealousy and even how pride can get in the way.

Written by Barbara Kahn and artfully directed by Kate Motzenbacker, this is a positively fun and inventive play about women who love women and how romance sees no boundaries or borders. Kate did a remarkably good job making the audience feel right at home using the remarkably honest and believable story written by Barbara. It's a fanciful tale of feelings and emotions written with much heart and put together and staged for theatre in a very inviting way.

Pic 001 – Left Pic. - Tara Donovan, Sonja Inge – Mid. Pic. - Lacy Altwine, Chantal Thuy, Maikiko James – Right Pic. - Maikiko James, Dawn Alden, Sonje Inge