Review On Theatre Rocks

Lorenzo Marchessi

Lorenzo Marchessi

Registered Critic

“Keeping Theatre Alive With “THEATRE ROCKS!” At Theatre West's Fantastic Fund-Raising Event!”

THE GEEK AUTHORITY - Lorenzo Marchessi

Theatre West and ‘News of Spite Productions' presented this wonderful night of food, fun, drinks and music as the fight to keep Theatre West and Theatre itself alive was brought together in a warm and wonderful night of Rock'N'Roll. Why? As you know our current ‘orange wart' of a POTUS is cutting, slashing, destroying everything from environmental controls, education, healthcare, safety controls and much more from all Americans – one of the other treasures he's slashing is the Arts. From public televisions, to grants for all arts, music and theatre, basically this POTUS (of an orange wart) is hurting funding and something long-lasting, high-quality and culturally enlightening as Theatre West is part of the collateral damage due to this current white house administration. (Okay, off my soap box now.)

Designer and host - actor, writer, director, singer, musician, pharmacist, zoologist.(wait – not the last two), David P. Johnson – took a forward step and created an evening of amazingly fun, some original and nostalgic music and put it all in a fund-raiser for Theatre West and called it “THEATRE ROCKS!” And it Rocked! It' Rolled! It was just plain fun!

Pic 001 – Top L. - Nick Bogner – Top Mid. – David Johnson – Top R. – Revolution Road Bot. Pic – The Pinheads featuring David Johnson and Laura Wolfe