Lorenzo Marchessi - The Geek Authority

“The Audience Is Directly Involved, The Entire Theatre Is The Stage “Tortured Souls” Is REAL Audience Participation – Of The Creepy Kind”

THE GEEK AUTHORITY - Lorenzo Marchessi

Talk about a theatrical experience that involves the bizarrely dark subject of ghosts, death, dying and then mix it with performance art, slightly depressing chants and poetry and then throw in live beat-driven music as the underscore of the entire piece and you have what Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre is coining as “An Immersive-Horror Theater & Event” – and it's called “Tortured Souls”. Wow…this was new, bizarre, fresh, creepy, fun – and I loved it from beginning to end!

Pic 001 – What can I say – “It's All Creepy” – Bwaaaahaaaaaahaaaaa!