Review On Tough Brown Leather

Lorenzo Marchessi

Lorenzo Marchessi

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“Amazing One-Woman Show About Life, Adulthood, Family & Football –“Tough Brown Leather” Is Powerful!”

THE GEEK AUTHORITY - Lorenzo Marchessi and the Hollywood Fringe Experience #01

The Lounge Theatre in Hollywood was the home of a very powerful and moving piece. It is a performance piece of a personal exposition of a young woman's experiences and embellished in a very dramatic way. Mixed with humor and various dialogues of parents, friends, mentors and more and it was called “Tough Brown Leather”. It's an amazing one hour experience and something to be seen.

Written and performed by Tonya Jones, a young actress with a wonderful bold personality and a dramatic performer who lets her passions and past reveal some very charming, warm and even some very traumatic experiences about her life and centering it all around her favorite sport, football. She created this character ‘Sara' – who is funny and warm - and used both life experiences and some colorful ties-ins to create the vivid life of an young eight year old growing into womanhood and her strength, her persecution and her desire and love of football as a metaphor for her life growing up,

Directed by Michael Phillip Edwards who allowed Tanya to have a very well blocked usage of her stage with only two chairs and the images projected behind her as her props, which gave the show a strong center and real sense of warmth and charm.

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