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An irreverent NEW Musical comedy about surviving Middleschool, featuring actual middleschoolers.

Middleschoolandia is an irreverent musical comedy performed largely by actual middle schoolers. These young people, filled with hormones and hope, are thrust into a frightening world of “education”. As they learn to navigate the complexities and hypocrisies of middle school. Overwhelmed teachers, overpowering hor- mones, and a crippling weight in backpacks all contribute to the hilarious journey of Middleschoolandia.

A hilarious satire on the tragedy of our school system.

With songs such as “I’m Only Twelve” and “The Profanity song”, Middleschoolandia is a musical that everyone can relate to, while pointing out the impossibility of making it through Middleschoolandia unscathed.

A diversity cast with a universal experience

All the songs and scenes in Middleschoolandia are created by experiences from Carson Goring, age 12, and her mom, Victoria Goring, who was shortlisted twice for Juilliard.


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"This show is a must see for...anyone. What kids go through daily, and yet what they are capable of performance wise."

"So many good qualities about this show. As a fellow homeschool mom my daughter expressed those same feelings when entering highschool. Hope it gets more rave reviews."

"Vety creative story that is quite hilarious. The kids (and adults) fit their characters. Great cast with great chemistry between them. The music was very interesting, comedic, and catchy. Enjoyed every bit of it, glad I saw it!"

"It was a worthy effort and several of the kids were outstanding, both in the vocal deliveries and their characterizations...It was an interesting show that has the potential to become something even better."

"A wonderful experience! At points it was light hearted, but it had a lot of depth, especially when the lead, Ashley, sang the poignant song "I'm only Twelve". There were laughs and chuckles, but also a lot of thought, I hope, about how our children are educated-or not educated. All in all, a wonderful, thoughtful hour. Most of these children are bound for Broadway!"

"It's a good theatre experience. Using the story and actors, they bring up a lot of interesting topics in a clever and enjoyable way."


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