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Local theatre and the people who make it happen will suffer financially as organizations cancel events and as individuals embrace social distance, all in an effort to deal with the unfolding coronavirus crisis.

If you have tickets to a play, concert, musical, or other arts event that ends up cancelled, please consider not asking for a refund or accepting a refund if offered, but let it ride.

Consider how many hours was spent on productions by all the artists, the staff, and volunteers, to bring together a story to share with the public. While social distancing seems to be the right choice right now, these people and the venues will suffer the consequences of this crisis. Your support of them is especially important during these times!

Notify the venue/production company that you are donating your tickets if they cancel, go dark, or if you choose not to go. It's good for the performers, it's good for the local arts and entertainment organizations, and it's good for our community.

Addendum: Sacred fools just sent in their email the following: All patrons who need to transfer or refund tickets to cancelled Sacred Fools performances ... may also donate their ticket and receive a tax deduction for the total ticket value.

Wether you have a ticket to a show that has cancelled or simply to desire social distance, please consider donating your tickets and contact the venue to determine if you can receive a tax deduction for your donation.

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