Audio Interview: Deanne Bray - Emma Coolidge on NBCs "HEROES" stars in ‘Arrival & Departure' at the Fountain Theatre

In this modern-day, re-imagined stage adaptation of the classic 1945 British film Brief Encounter, a Deaf man and a hard-of-hearing woman, two married strangers, meet accidentally in a New York City subway station. As their casual friendship develops into something deeper, each is forced to confront how their simmering relationship could forever change their lives — and the lives of those they love. The play is performed simultaneously in spoken English and American Sign Language with additional use of open captioning, so that both Deaf and hearing audiences can enjoy the production.*
Enjoy this interview about “Arrival & Departure” staring Deanne Bray (Emma Coolidge in a recurring role on the TV series NBC's HEROES) at the Fountain Theatre, running until Sep 30th. You can listen to this interview while commuting, while waiting in line at the grocery store or at an audition, backstage and even front of the stage. For tickets and more info Click here.

*Taken from the website