Mono/Poly /Oct 3-Nov 10
Two monogamous couples fall within the orbit of an influential polyamorous triad. All sorts of temptations ensue.

Yellow Face

Yellow Face /Aug 10 – Sep 26
A play where truth and fiction blur, the hilarious and biting Yellow Faceis based on the author's own life. When Hwang mistakenly makes a disastrous casting decision, he quickly gets in over his head. As the situation spirals further out of control, he finds himself at the center of a government intrigue and investigation.
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Pizza Man

Pizza Man /Aug 16 – Aug 26
Darlene Traviotto's “Pizza Man” is a serio-comedy that intends to turn the tables on sexism. Written in the 80's, Pizza Man is a story of two 20-something women, Julie and Alice, who decide to vent their patriarchy-induced frustrations in a drastic way. Distressed with the state of their lives and their place in the world they decide one night to overcome their position by doing something aggressive; "something a man would do." Intending to turn the tables on years of misogyny and sexism, they pick a guy, any guy, to take advantage of. "Men have been doing it for years, why can't a woman try it?" Once Julie and Alice convince an unsuspecting pizza delivery man to come in and share a beer with them, the evening gets wild, angry, crazy, funny, and cathartic.
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Mayakovsky and Stalin

Mayakovsky and Stalin /Jul 21 – Aug 19
According to Mednick, “The play traces the parallel stories of these two couples. Lilya was a B actress who convinced Stalin, after Mayakovsky's suicide, to restore Mayakovsky to the canon of accepted Soviet poets. Nadya committed suicide during a state dinner, renouncing both her husband and his policies. It's about the repercussions of power, about the push and pull between secularism and religion.”
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THEIR FINEST HOUR /June 16 - July 22
This full-length play sheds light on the unique relationship between Winston Churchill and Edward R. Murrow during the early years of WW II when England was under attack by Hitlers air-force. Murrow, who was covering the war for CBS Radio News, not only became friendly with Churchill, but had a passionate and adulterous love affair with the Prime Ministers daughter-in-law.
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The Meatball Chronicles

The Meatball Chronicles /Jun 2 - Jun 13
Each ingredient in a meal is a portion of the self. Debrianna Mansini's The Meatball Chronicles, a culinary journey, follows one woman through humorous and sometimes heart wrenching meals that align with stories of her childhood, her relationships with men, and in particular, her complicated relationship to her mother. Mansini crafts this piece in a way that transcends her own story into universal themes that anyone who has a family can love. As she kneads the dough and thickens the sauce through each Italian recipe, the stories associated with those recipes reveal the complex ways that families cope, laugh, grieve, and show their love through food. The Meatball Chronicles is an intimate solo performance by stage, film and TV actress Debrianna Mansini (Crazy Heart, Breaking Bad, and Better Call Saul). Synopsis from the website.