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5 must-see L.A. theater productions happening in January 2018

For the start of the new year, how about trying something new? The theatrical adventures awaiting us in January include productions freshly arrived on our shores, writers who are new (to us at least), playhouses we might not have ventured into before, and one old show given a new gloss. We're betting these five productions, listed in order of closing dates, are worth your theatergoing time and money this month. read more here

Prominent art festival immerses itself and derives themes from L.A.'s Latino neighborhoods

Most prominent art exhibits are only accessible to those who attend galleries and museums, but a high-profile festival is taking live art straight into L.A.'s Hispanic neighborhoods with immersive pieces that touch on political movements, language and migration. read more here

Weekend Picks for Jan. 11-15: 'I Am My Own Wife,' ‘PST: Live Art LA/LA,' MLK Day and more

This weekend: An award-winning drama about a transgender woman in Germany, a city-wide performance-art festival and a few ways to celebrate the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. read more here

Off Center Festival brings unique performances to Segerstrom Center

variety of unconventional art performances will be showcased at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts as part of the weeks-long seventh annual Off Center Festival.

The program will begin Jan. 19 with a show by Martha Graham Cracker, a drag artist who performs Aretha Franklin, Prince, Black Sabbath, Nina Simone and others. read more here

Theatre of NOTE Presents 23rd Annual Hollywood Performance Marathon

Theatre of NOTE is proud to announce the 23rd Annual Hollywood Performance Marathon, on Saturday, January 20 beginning at 3pm and continuing until dawn, at Theatre of NOTE, 1517 N. Cahuenga Blvd. (just North of Sunset) in Hollywood. read more here

Inside LA Stage History: Justin Tanner

Steven Justin Tanner, born in 1964,  grew up in Salinas, California, an area that is the setting for his early plays. Tanner didn't know he was going to be a playwright. He only knew he was unhappy, the son of incredibly liberal parents with poor parenting skills. His earliest experience in “writing something and having people like it” dates back to the first grade in Catholic school. “I wrote a short story,” Tanner recalled, “and brought it to the attention of the nuns. They took me out of class and put me in front of a typewriter and let me just write. That went on for awhile. Then my parents couldn't afford Catholic school and I was put into the public schools.” read more here


Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration

Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day by surrounding yourself with art, culture, and community. Enjoy an array of vibrant programs and activities for all ages. Bring the kids for art-making activities and food, visit our exhibitions, hear a marathon reading of King's lesser-known speeches and sermons, and much more—free for everyone! read more here

Stevens Puppets ALADDIN

From the pages of The Arabian Nights comes the timeless story of Aladdin, brought to life with the help of Martin Stevens' hand-crafted marionettes. A true “rags to riches” story, follow Aladdin from the streets to the royal palace and beyond!  Infused with music, mystery and magic, Aladdin is guaranteed to please all audiences! read more here

MISS SAIGON Star Jon Jon Briones Stars in New NPR Kids' Podcast

Miss Saigon may be set to close on Broadway, but fans can experience the tremendous talent of Jon Jon Briones(Engineer) long after the curtain goes down, through Circle Round: the new podcast from WBUR, Boston's NPR news station.

Jon Jon Briones stars alongside Lou Diamond Phillips in a modern retelling of the Filipino folktale, "Why The Ocean is Salty." Briones portrays the evil brother whose jealousy gets the better of him... and, as legend has it, leads to the ocean filling up with salt! read more here

Something to Crow About!

Come join Mama and Papa Goat and 100 more of the world famous Bob Baker Marionettes for a musical “Day on the Farm” you will never forget. Everything from dancing scarecrows to tap dancing bullfrogs warbling “Shine On Harvest Moon”, “Something To Crow About” is guaranteed to put a smile on children of all ages! read more here


Q&A: Jay Miller, Artistic Director of the Yard on Radical Performance and Community

The Yard is a multi-award winning theatre and music venue built from salvaged material in a converted warehouse in Hackney Wick. Committed to telling 'contemporary stories in contemporary ways', we speak to Jay Miller, Artistic Director, about their upcoming season of radical performance and theatre's relationship with an unequal world. read more here

Peter Martins Retires From New York City Ballet After Misconduct Allegations

After accusations of sexual harassment and physical and verbal abuse, Peter Martins, the powerful leader of New York City Ballet who shaped the company for more than three decades, has decided to retire. read more here

The Met Museum Is Changing Its Pay-As-You-Wish Admission Policy

Non-New Yorkers officially have less than two months to take advantage of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's pay-as-you-wish admission policy.

Tourists will be charged a mandatory entrance fee starting March 1, The Met announced Thursday. The public museum hasn't charged a mandatory entrance fee for nearly 50 years. read more here

Back in the Bronx: Gordon Matta-Clark, Rogue Sculptor

The Bronx Museum's beautifully staged, streamlined version of the artist's career still conveys a full picture of his radical sensibility.

The small Bronx Museum of the Arts regularly hits above its weight. It is doing so again with “Gordon Matta-Clark: Anarchitect,” a streamlined exhibition of the work of this insurrectionary artist. The show creates a remarkably full picture of an irrepressible and unfailingly D.I.Y. maverick who is revered as one of the prime movers in the juggernaut of Conceptual, Process and Performance art that emerged in the late 1960s and '70s. With a range that few of his peers equaled, Matta-Clark contributed to all of these genres. read more here

UMS performance festival aims to disrupt with provocative theater

Terrorism, transgender identity, slavery, BDSM, addiction, and depression — these are just some of the themes slated for exploration in No Safety Net, a new performance art series from the University of Michigan's University Musical Society. read more here

Rockwell Museum to open gallery to artists and performers

The Rockwell Museum, 111 Cedar St., Corning, will allow artists and performers from the greater Corning community to use an empty gallery as their laboratory and creative gathering place from April 28 to May 12 as part of its Bare Bones Café: A Community-Sourced Museum Experience. read more here


Student does homework outside as performance art piece against city's cram culture

With all the homework Hong Kong students get, it is hard to find a time and place to do it all.

But if you're among stressed out students struggling to find a free desk in the library to cram for that chemistry test, this one student has a solution: try doing it outside. read more here.

Singapore Art Week 2018

What's the cleaner got to do with art?

Cleaning is having a moment in the art world. Two works in major Melbourne galleries are using the idea of the cleaner to make a bigger point about the state of the world.

Adam Linder's Some Cleaning, part of the NGV's Triennial, sees a dancer wearing a cleaner's garb perform in the gallery randomly, alongside the visual art, without music or introduction. read more here

Art that changed the world

An opportunity for Victorian artists to create large-scale projects that make a lasting impact has us wondering, what do we mean by art that changes the world?

The capacity for the arts to change minds and create change is well documented. This can happen when a single work of art influences and affects the opinion of one individual, or even an entire generation, and when a project instigates social change in a community. ... ArtsHub has compiled a list of bold art projects and initiatives (some local, some international) that have impacted the lives of individuals and communities. Although this impact occurs and is measured in very different ways, many of the projects listed are fearless in the approach to scale and creativity. read more here